cannes film festival & grasse

After visiting the South of France, I was left wanting more. This spurred a spontaneous trip to Cannes the weekend after I visited Nice (it is very easy to get to Cannes from Milan by using a car share program, Blabla car, or by train).

The Cannes Film Festival was going on when we visited, so we were able to witness some very fabulous events and people. We saw Blake Lively before she went to the red carpet, enjoyed a movie screening on the beach of Cannes, and had an aperitivo at Le Jardin Secret – where I had the most AMAZING tiramisu with speculoos cookies and oreos. Le Jardin Secret was truly magical, and the scene was amplified by the inflow of guests wearing tuxedos who were coming from movie screenings 🙂

The next day, my friend Genevieve and I took a train to Grasse – the perfume capital of the world. Grasse has beautiful flower fields that many perfume companies own to create their signature scents. Chanel has an amazing field of roses used to make Chanel No. 5, but unfortunately these fields aren’t open to the public. We visited Fragonard Parfumeur and each got scents perfect for our unique tastes and oils in our skin!





Local photographers let us climb up their ladders to watch the red carpet


Fans waiting to meet Blake Lively – she had a contest with L’Oreal in which the fans with the most creative lip art got to meet her!


Le Jardin Secret


Speculoos and oreo tiramisu


Cannes Film festival movie on the beach


Grasse – the parfum capitol of the world!


Fragonard Parfumeur



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  1. Paulis, que fabuloso que hayas podido asistir al famoso festival de cin e de Cannes, el mas rutilante del mundo, donde grandes estrellas se dan cita. Y tambien que hayas podido visitar la capital de los perfumes en Francia. Continua acumulando grandes experiencias, ya que ya solo te quedan dos semanas de estancia en Europa Paulis. Te queremos mucho

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