nice is très nice

From the flower market in the historic city center of Nice, to the luxurious streets of Monaco and the rocky beaches all along the coast, The South of France is an absolute DREAM.

I fell in love with the area in the 4 days that I was there and enjoyed meeting up with my friends who are studying all over Europe.



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  1. Debby Waite says:

    Looks so pretty! I’m going to Nice in 2 weeks, so excited!


    1. Paulina says:

      I’m obsessed! When you go – El Merkado is great for tapas and drinks and Fennochio has famous ice cream!

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      1. Debby Waite says:

        Thanks so much! I love tapas, I’ll definitely check those places out!


  2. Paulis, que formidable viaje hiciste a Niza, y a Monaco, con tus excelentes fotos parece que nos trasladas a los lugares donde visitas, con el mercado de flores del centro historico de Niza, las comidas francesas tan ricas que hasta se antojan, y las playas de la Costa azul, rocosas, pero muy famosas.


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