roma (& a nearly abandoned beach town)

I went to Rome with my mom, and was then persuaded (quite easily because I fell in love with the city) into going back the weekend after. The second time around, I decided to add some variety by going to a nearby beach with Hank. Before I go into the details of our beach adventure, here are my Rome favorites:

  • Gelato: Frigidarium
    • They dip the gelato in chocolate – make sure to get their namesake flavor
  • Pizza: Dar Poeta
    • It was harder to find good pizza in Rome than we thought! Most pizza seemed inauthentic but Dar Poeta was delicious and was great accompanied with wine. It’s in Trastevere, which was my absolute favorite part of Rome because of their restaurants and fun bars!
  • Drinks: Open Baladin
    • The staff is so knowledgeable about craft beer and the chips here are beyond! Italy gets a bad rep for their beer but Baladin proves haters otherwise.


Back to the beach – I did a quick search for beaches near Rome, and decided on Santa Marinella. When we arrived, we were greeted by the kindest Airbnb hosts who hosted us in their guest house/apartment with us for the weekend.

To our surprise, Santa Marinella was DEAD – beautiful, but dead. There were few people walking around and only a few others on the beach. It was an ominous feeling to be in such an empty place, and we often wondered a few things:

  1. Who lives here?
  2. Is it busier in the summer? (Apparently, yes. But people usually just go to the beach for the afternoon from Rome instead of staying the night.)
  3. What is the population of this place?! (Around 15,000 according to Google.)
  4. What do young people do here? (Still don’t know the answer to that one.)

It was nice being on the beach but there honestly wasn’t much more to do there. This taught me a lesson in not doing enough research, but also embracing spontaneity when presented with circumstances like these. We cooked dinner, enjoyed the sunset, and were able to take the train back to Rome to go out in the city at night. If you’re looking for a beach near Rome, I would go the extra time to visit the Amalfi Coast near Naples. But if you’re looking for an Airbnb host with great banana bread and cafe recommendations, I can hook you up with a great contact 🙂



Market along the Tiber
People of Piazza Navona


The only book in English at my local bookstore was Harry Potter – and I’m fine with that 🙂
Pup in Santa Marinella


The “highway” in Santa Marinella – i.e. the middle of nowhere, but still quite charming





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  1. Paulis, que interesantes relatos haces de tus experiencias que estas viviendo en Italia, como esta del fin de semana anterior de la sorpresa que te llevaste de encontrar una playa abandonada, que debia estar llena de gente de Roma deseosa de divertirse, por lo cercano. sigue reportando tus aventuras y experiencias, estan muy interesantes. Muchos saludos y besos Paulis, te queremos mucho.


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