Before coming to Europe, I promised myself I would travel alone at least once. Being in Milan with my second week of Spring Break starting, I decided I could escape the city for a day and cross off my bucket list task of traveling alone. I started off the day on a solo trip, and arrived when the city hadn’t quite woken up yet. To entertain myself, I decided to walk for 2 hours to a small town with a beach because I didn’t have anything else to do that early in the morning!

I enjoyed people watching and reading a book, but it did get a bit lonely. Thankfully, my friends decided to meet me on the coast and my solo trip was transformed into an only -slightly- solo trip.

I enjoyed getting out of the city for a bit and had the most amazing marocchino and brioche in a part of Genova called Boccadasse.




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  1. Paulis, que entretenidos comentarios haces de tus andanzas por Italia, lástima que no te dejaron tus amigas hacer el viaje sola como querías, pero al menos disfrutaste un rato de estar sola. Que padre que pudiste disfrutar de comida muy tipica de Genova, y ahora a esperar a tu Mama que llegue con bien mañana a Milan. Muchos saludos y besos
    de Abue y mios.


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