cinque terre

After heading to Florence for the weekend with some friends from South Carolina, we took a day trip to Cinque Terre to explore the coast before my visiting friends left Italy. My favorite towns in Cinque Terre were Monterosso and Riomaggiore. In Monterosso, we had an amazing smoothie -bucket- and were able to relax a bit on the coastline. I liked ending the day in Riomaggiore because we were able to relax and watch the sunset from a beautiful vantage point.

Vernazza was a bit too crowded for my liking – due mostly to the fact that we went on the Easter holiday weekend. However, the town was lively and fun to explore!



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  1. Awara Yunus says:

    Lovely Photographs 🙂


  2. Paulis, que padre que estas aprovechando el tiempo y viajando por Italia. Que sorpresa que junto al mar se ven en una de las fotos que tomaste unos cactus, esos son mas usuales en zonas deserticas.


    1. Paulina says:

      Si! Nos dijo el guia que hay mucho cacti y agave en la region de Liguria – aunque cactus viene de Norteamerica. No se como llego a estar ahi! Tambien cuando fui a Genova vi mucho cactus.


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