Bellagio – where I ate one of my best meals in Italy, and hiked for the first time while abroad!

After arriving by train at Varenna, we took a ferry across the lake to the beautiful Bellagio. After walking around the town for a bit to reach the starting point for our hike, we jetted off on an adventure of a lifetime. What started off as an “hour long hike” according to an online resource (you know how that goes) quickly turned into an uphill battle  for four hours. The views from our endpoint were absolutely worth it though! Along the way, we saw cows and donkeys and stray cats, and we admired beautiful villas (and helicopter pads…Bellagio is luxe).

My amazing meal was at Alle Darsene, a restaurant off the beaten path that the New York Times recommended. It was hard to come back to school the next day after being in paradise, but my sore legs were happy to be resting in class.



Inside a beautiful chapel


The view from the top of our hike

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