ich liebe berlin

I left Berlin feeling more scholarly, enlightened, and appreciative of design. This beautiful city mixes history and art in the most amazing way!

Tips from Berlin:

  • Take a free walking tour. I’m usually not a huge fan of structured tours, but learning about the history of a city so rooted in WWII and The Cold War supplemented our trip flawlessly.
  • For sushi, go to Kuchi.
  • Check out the shops on Mulackstraße! There are SO many amazing shops – Berlin has a huge emphasis on design and innovation that comes across with the many concept stores, etc .
  • For a “non-mall mall” experience, check out Bikini Berlin. Along with cool shops and cafes, you can see the zoo from huge windows inside the mall! Don’t go on a Sunday because everything is closed – we learned this the hard way.


Kuchi sushi
Distrikt Coffee – pancakes were the bomb


The windows to see the zoo at Bikini Berlin


A dope sneaker shop on Mulackstraße





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