carnevale in venezia

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera for my weekend in Venice. Fortunately, VSCOcam had my back so I was able to capture the beautiful sights in the city. The streets were full of tourists celebrating Carnevale, but our AirBnB was in the Jewish ghetto, which allowed us to explore a more local area. The term “ghetto” actually originated from this neighborhood in Venice – coined by the Venetian word “ghèto.” In the 1500s, Jews were confined to an isolated island within Venice that was surrounded by guards. The area is now flourishing with culture with the Jewish community of Venice still residing in that area. Mini history lesson over – now onto food:

  • Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta to Go – 5 euros for some of the best pasta I’ve had in Italy! It was hard to navigate to this hole in the wall, but once we arrived we saw crowds of excited pasta lovers. The pasta is all to-go but they encourage you to eat it on the spot when it’s warm and delicious
  • SuSo Gelato – I’ve had a lot of gelato in Italy thus far, but this was beyond. Their specialty is this special type of gelato made from pistachios, but I had great dairy-free gelato that hit the spot

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