dubliner for a week

My family has always been proud of our Irish roots, and last week, I was able to fully delve into my identity! In the first hour of being Dublin, I had already bought Gallagher paraphernalia and I was ready to go.

My university sent three friends and me to Dublin for a research project so that we could interview state officials and professors about Ireland’s place in the European Union. After we completed our interviews, we had plenty of time to adventure around the city and beyond.

Things I learned in Dublin:

  • Beans on toast = delicious – Brother Hubbard’s had the best.
  • Dublin has a really cool tech/startup community – I got a great personalized necklace that was produced by a robot from a startup called Love and Robots. The city has been completely transformed by the influence from companies like Google that have settled in the beautiful Irish city.
  • The Irish countryside might be the most beautiful sight I have ever laid eyes on – no wonder so many movies were shot there! I promised myself that I will go back there in the future.
    • Dublin Tour Company has a great tour with really amazing guides. They made the experience feel authentic and less touristy!
  • Guiness tastes better in Ireland.



Corcomroe Abbey was my favorite stop on the way to the Cliffs of Moher.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was filmed here!
The Cliffs on a “sunny” day for Ireland! We were lucky enough to see the cliffs – usually they are hidden by fog.
Tried Irish beers at Temple Bar



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