Japan is incredible. The food, the clothing, the people. Everything! It was hard to capture it all as we were running around Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nara because I was so in awe of my surroundings that I would forget to take out my camera!

google inspire event

Google Ann Arbor has a yearly event called Inspire where people in the Sales organization tell their stories. Each year, the photos taken for the event are displayed as large canvases across the office. It’s so fun to see all of the people around the office after the event! The pictures are intended to be…

northern mich

I loved exploring Lake Leelenau, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and Sutton Bay in early November. While Fall was still alive in other places, it was a quick transition to winter Up North.


I had such a fun time taking headshots for my longtime friend Nikki while I was back in Greenville. She just graduated from Point Park University and will be dancing professionally in North Carolina!

the final days

Some photos I took of my friends during graduation week festivities at Wash. U. I will miss having all of my beautiful college friends as my models!

the changing face of washu

I started a photo project my freshman year about people who identify as “Mixed” and the issues that come along with classifying themselves into checkboxes on the census. I decided to update the project before I graduate – here is the end result!  

city of angels

I spent the latter half of Spring Break exploring Los Angeles – The Broad museum and romping around sunny Malibu, Venice, and Santa Monica were a great break from St. Louis.

a day at the alpaca farm

I was able to go to Nueva Dia Alpaca Farm in Illinois for an Armour editorial about sustainable fabric. It was one of my favorite memories from college – and animals are my favorite subjects to photograph.